Two more print making techniques under my belt!!

By Janet Hickey / December 21, 2012

The product to remember is Gomuban – I’ll get to it in the middle of this post. Ink and Markers I sketched and doodled a Kimono a couple of years ago on a piece of paper that had an architect’s house plans on the back (c1966) – it’s about 14 X 18. When I knew…

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Forgot to put out the "Gone Fishing" sign.

By Janet Hickey / December 18, 2012

Just Hey. Since I’ve been away (sorry I didn’t put out a “gone fishing” sign) I’ve gone to Oregon Crater Lake (look it up – you gotta go!!) Canada BC was gorgeous – the people were awesome! This is a picture taken with my IPhone at the BC museum – HA!  Washington (Seattle) What a…

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Repurposed Lemony Snickets – Greek Binding

By Janet Hickey / August 16, 2012

OK – I didn’t want to use my wood covered book to experiment making the Coptic Endband so I took two Lemony Snicket books that I dug out of the library’s RIP box to make a book to experiment on. This picture shows the covers separated from text block andthe front sides already trimmed back. I…

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Wood Book Cover from Hardwood Flooring

By Janet Hickey / August 15, 2012

At the next Atlanta Book Arts Collective’s monthly meeting one of our members is teaching us how to make Coptic Endbands.  The word went out that we needed boards. Picture a spinning top that has swirls of color – that was my mind.  Never mind what the intent was – I heard boards.  To me,…

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TA DONE! Bird Watcher

By Janet Hickey / August 9, 2012

A year ago this week I blogged about my foray into the longest yard sale, showing my “treasures” – go here to see why I chose to repurpose the wall pocket … Irene – Bird Watcher. One serendipitous moment led to another and my wall pocket was joined with Irene an amateur Bird Watcher. This…

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Collapsible Box – Great Storage

By Janet Hickey / August 8, 2012

This is a great container when traveling for a class.  It folds flat so it doesn’t take up much room and assembles in seconds.  It looks great when you take it out at class to hold your supplies while you work. A very long time ago my Mother’s best friend Muriel gave her a vintage Asian…

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Beach House Book from Drink Coasters

By Janet Hickey / July 26, 2012

This, with a bottle of wine, would be a cute hostess gift. 4 5/8″ from floor to peak of box 5 1/2″ high at the center of the house with book inserted 6″ wide from roof edge to roof edge Materials: 2 Coasters – 4″ x 4″ thick cardboard coaster (restaurant kind) Empty tea box –…

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Leather Covered Slip Case for Antique Book

By Janet Hickey / July 25, 2012

One of the reasons I was interested in Jana Pullman’s class was that I wanted to make a slip case for a 1966 Instrument Flying Handbook I found at a yard sale. I have reclaimed airplane seat leather I want to use as a cover.  The leather is VERY thick and I was hoping for some…

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My Week At Arrowmont

By Janet Hickey / July 24, 2012

I’m exhausted!  The good kind of exhausted.  Every waking minute (there are NO televisions in the rooms) was spent making, observing and/or speaking with other artists about art – all kinds of art (and eating delicious meals). We learned a lot about historical leather bindings, leather and leather tooling from Jana Pullman.  I was kinda hoping for…

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Call me Pollyanna

By Janet Hickey / July 15, 2012

26 students – making 4 journals in 2.5 hours was ambitious. Pamphlets (4 1/4′ X 5 1/2′) showing the students specifics of the journals they made – bound with hairbands from Dollar Tree (100 for $1) Monday was the first day of class. The 25 artists (we lost one – before the class started) began the first…

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25 Students, 4 Journals, 2.5 Hours!

By Janet Hickey / July 6, 2012

20 page pamphlet I put together of the 4 Journal Techniques being taught4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ I’m nothing if not optimistic.  Here’s what happened.  A few weeks ago the Administration of a community arts center asked one of our local book arts teachers if she would teach a one day journal making class the…

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Shock and Awe – Library Sorter

By Janet Hickey / June 29, 2012

About a month ago I began volunteering at my local library.  Holy cow!  I didn’t have a clue as to the amount of work and organization that took place at a library.  It must have been a paper zoo when card catalogs were in use. Library – Box Label Sorter At any rate, in addition…

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IPad Stand using a Book Cover Repurposed #2

By Janet Hickey / May 23, 2012

PART 2 – A Rewarding project.  IPad Stand:2 –   1937 / New Standard Encyclopedia Volumes IV and V (I bought 6 volumes at a yard sale years ago)        The covers are a very nice, embossed, burgundy cloth.Scraps of Chipboard 3 –     Silver Grommets15″ – 1/2″ black elasticPVA Glue TIP: The stand could also be made using…

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IPad Stand using Book Covers – Repurposed #1

By Janet Hickey / May 23, 2012

Having a hard time separating myself from the books that don’t have a “near future” purpose and don’t have much of a redeeming value that anyone else would want them. To reduce the length of the post I’m sending this in two posts. #1 shows the finished project. #2 shows the process. Stand as assembled. The elastic serves…

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When The Student Is Ready…The Teacher Will Come

By Janet Hickey / May 13, 2012

In my case this Buddhist Proverb couldn’t be more timely… 1.  I came across a book binder on YouTube that put together awesome instructional videos of various book binding and case making techniques Sage Reynolds, the book binder, has an impressive list of videos, take a look.  While I knew (or have seen in the…

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Book Repurposed – Fast and Way Too Much Fun

By Janet Hickey / May 12, 2012

Having finished the portfolio I was feeling pretty good about getting back into cutting and gluing stuff together again and wanted to get right back into another project. I save scraps – can’t help it.  Some time ago in an effort to clean out my side of my husband’s garage I started to throw out…

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By Janet Hickey / May 11, 2012

Ya Hoo!  I received my confirmation from Arrowmont of my upcoming class “Books-Leather Binding Thru The Ages” taught by Jana Pullman   I figured I should put aside my jewelry and sculpting supplies and bone up on book board and book making. I chose to start off with a handmade portfolio that would house a lined…

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Glue This To That

By Janet Hickey / April 28, 2012

Look what I found!  No not tulips.  I just threw in this picture of my birthday flowers because they were pretty and I didn’t have a picture of anything glued together.  HA! I found (it wasn’t really lost) a web site that let’s you input the type of material you want to glue to another type…

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The Past IS My Present

By Janet Hickey / April 24, 2012

Another one of my gifts (to myself 😉 was a weekend art class… A serendipitous search of the Internet led me to a weekend class being taught by Sandy Webster ( only 1 1/2 hrs away from my home at The Creative Arts Center in Dalton, GA.          “Building Boxes:  Creative Spaces for Small Collections”    Two…

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April is my Birthday Month

By Janet Hickey / April 24, 2012

My 60th Birthday Month For some of us, as we get older, we have Birth-Months vs Birth-Days. I wanted to do something different for my 60th Birthday.  This is as “different” as it gets for me and all I had to do was mention it to my husband and off we went. One of my…

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