Clamshell Box For My Friend

I made this box housing a tray and journal for my friend Bonnie who is fighting a battle with cancer.

1 BB Closed

Of all the book jackets I have in my stash I didn’t have one I felt suited my vision.  Most of the thick books useful in this type of box with a tray are generally thrillers written by Patterson, Connelly, etc. with titles no one, facing the challenge she’s facing, would think “uplifting”.

The jacket I ultimately used was from a book I found at a used book store (a true chore for me I tell ya – having to rummage through a book store;). The title was the key for me; the cover picture wasn’t significant so I covered it.

2 BB wo cover

Bonnie’s favorite color is Red – a color that denotes to me courage, strength and passion.  I’ve had this handmade paper, made in Nepal, in my stash for years waiting on the right occasion. It’s called “Red Batik Floating Flower” – it has a lovely waxy quality to it.

This is where things got a little squirrely for me and I had to get out of my head and just go with my intuition.

My natural inclination was to line the box with red or the paper bag brown used in the background of the batik paper. But I felt that within the courage, strength and passion of the red – some peace was needed – hence the blue.

3 BB w tray in place

Box with tray inserted – Lady Bug Knob

The hamster wheel that is my brain felt the need to collage the inside of the box, making it more interesting.   Thankfully, Honey (my inner me) said NO!, this is her journey; she should do with it what she wants. She is a master at collage – I’m hoping she’ll let loose and collage the hell out of it

4 BB Open w Book

I made a journal for the lower half of the box.  The journal is one signature of watercolor paper and one hand made RED envelope held together with a pamphlet stitch.

5 BB Book

Clamshell Box