Simple Pop Out Valentine Card – Doodled Heart

I was very good yesterday, I worked all day at putting my studio back together, so I took a little time before calling it a night and made a Pop Out Valentine card.  Valentines Day is weeks away so I have a some time to finish it with a verse.  In the meantime I’m going to post the card at 95% complete.


Overall card size 7″ h x 7 1/4″ w (including mat) This view shows sections 1, 3 and 5 popped out.

I started by drawing a heart on plain copy paper.   I divided the heart into 5 sections using the Borderlines edging ruler I purchased from Creative Memories 20 years ago (yea I hang on to things) and then doodled the 5 sections (I forgot I had Borderlines rulers until I was moving things around).


Basic heart – 3 5/8″ h x 3 1/4″ w Drawn and Doodled on plain copy paper with various size and type pens.


Borderlines Ruler by Creative Memories


I photo copied the drawn and doodled heart onto white card stock then colored various areas using an Inktense, Poppy Red, pencil (blended w/water) and then shaded with a #2 pencil.  It looked a little naked so I added a couple of black lines around the original heart shape so it would stand out.  The heart was then cut at the bottom of the thick black lines, at each section going from left to right, not cutting the sides, creating 5 pop out section sections.


Top view of sections 1, 3 and 5 popped out.


I couldn’t decide which sections I wanted popped out so I only adhered the outside of the white card stock to the red card stock (using double stick tape).


Sections 2 and 4 popped out


Sections 2 and 4 popped out.


*I trim the edges of every cut with a black marker.

*I’m able to get an exact mat border around the white card stock using “Perfect Layers” rulers.

Thanks for sticking with me here while I find my artistic footing.  Janet