Book Repurposed – Fast and Way Too Much Fun

Having finished the portfolio I was feeling pretty good about getting back into cutting and gluing stuff together again and wanted to get right back into another project.

I save scraps – can’t help it.  Some time ago in an effort to clean out my side of my husband’s garage I started to throw out books that were in bad condition and had no redeeming qualities in content.  I got as far as tearing out and throwing away the content – but kept the covers.

Design thoughts:
–Utilize chip board scraps (I didn’t worry about the grain of the chip board and/or paper)
–Repurpose one of the saved book covers.
–Insert a box that could essentially hide small things or become a conduit to a mixed media book project.
–I liked the inside covers of the book cover and decided I wanted to see as much of them as I could when the book was opened, yet have a big enough box to make the effort worthwhile.
–The large space between the edge of the cover and the box was considered.  Since the inside of the book would not likely show on any book case I would put it on I decided to err on the side of being able to see the inside of the cover vs covering it up with a box.
–Since this was a trial – I wasn’t willing to use my “good” paper.  I used 2 pieces of 12′ x 12″ paper – on the thin side but worked well.
–PVA watered down by 10% was used on the paper to cover the box.
–Straight PVA was used to construct the box and adhere it to the inside of the covers.

The closed book cover is 5 1/2″ x 8″.  The box is 3 3/4″ x 5″

Outside of Book Covers
Inside of Book Covers
A 2″ wide band of black book cloth has been glued to the spine.
Mock headbands were made.  Showing clamshell box top and bottom made from chip board scraps.
Finished Book-Clamshell Box on my shelf.
Book-Clamshell Box showing box attached.
Book-Clamshell Box open and complete.
Decided what I want to put in the box so I added a removable set of dividers.

My goal is to get more comfortable and faster in covering boxes.  This was fun and could be done in an hour.

Repurposed Book