Red Chair Thoughts

I can’t help but share these.  If they’re not in your “wheel house” they’ll be interesting to you anyway.

Wood Block Carving.  I just started a wood print workshop with Gwen Diehn.  I’ll show you my efforts so far later this week.  As with most things that catch my eye (and because I couldn’t get very thin lines in my first wood block) I started searching for more information.  I came across this simply fascinating youtube video series on reproducing the famous Japanese print “The Great Wave”.  The videos show David Bull, who has lived in Japan for the past 30 years, analyzing museum prints and the steps he goes thru to reproduce a wood block carving and printing of The Great Wave. As a bonus he uses the last few minutes of the videos with footage of outside his studio.  View Video

This is simply amazing and something I can never see me attempting

Cayce Zavaglia paints with thread: See here



Photo Collage