Shock and Awe – Library Sorter

About a month ago I began volunteering at my local library.  Holy cow!  I didn’t have a clue as to the amount of work and organization that took place at a library.  It must have been a paper zoo when card catalogs were in use.

Library – Box Label Sorter

At any rate, in addition to shelving books (which I love by the way – such an organized function), I was asked to help out in the donated books area sorting the donated books into the various categories; adult non-fiction (both hardback and paperback), adult fiction paperback, adult fiction hardback, childrens (you get the picture).  If the donated books aren’t kept in the local library they’re boxed, by category, and sent on.  Each box has to have two labels taped to the outside, one on each side, identifying the contents.  To make a long story short I thought this process could use a little organization.  After getting permission I made this label sorter out of binders board, a 1944 AJC newspaper, discarded book jackets (I had these in my “stuff to go with other stuff” box) and the book spine from a ruined cloth covered fairy tale book.  The label template was updated to accomodate the sorter and copied on golden rod colored paper (goes with the color of vintage newsprint better than white – don’t you think?).

Top View – Sorter Stepped for Retrieving Labels
The top tray holds a roll of packing tape and two markers.
The drawer holds the label templates.
Side View – Book Jacket Spines Used Here

Back View – Found an Ad for Hats!

View of the process:  I needed to design the sorter with a drawer and then, because all the labels were the same size, the top of the sorter needed to be stepped so the labels were easy to see and retrieve.  The label’s were revised so the large printed label could be easily read from the outside of the sorter.

Assembled base with first supports glued inside
Notice the back support being brought forward so the labels
will hang off the edge for easy retrieval
Inside Complete