Surf’s Up

While I gather photos to share with you my latest thin thread let me share some fun sites and projects I’ve found during a quick surf of the net…

Plastic Milk and Bacon Roses?

This interesting web site shows you how to turn milk into a substance similar to plastic called CASEIN ( gives you the recipe – gives you step by step pictures).  This is on my list of things to try (after I paint all my sculpture).  Way cool.  I just started using Casein paint on my sculptures.  It has a beautiful quality.  Further down on the Casein page are instructions for making BACON ROSES.  I know, I know – why would anyone want to make bacon roses.   Trust me on this.  You’ll be tempted.  When you’ve been married for over 30 years – you search for something new.  My husband would howl if he woke up to a breakfast of eggs, english muffic and a vase of BACON ROSES.  I love making him laugh.

Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial

Blue WingsI’m ready to try my hand at stamp carving.  Admittedly, I am a challenged stamper.  I just picked up my Speedball Stamp Press from Bonnie’s Best Art Tools and I can’t wait to use it.  I have some other ideas for the Stamp Press that I’ll share in another post – but in the meantime I think it was serendipitous that the Stamp Press and I met when we did.    Peruse the rest of Genine’s blog.  Not only does her blog show her exciting, colorful artwork, you’ll love the paintings and drawings of a large variety of birds.

Trophies Repurposed

For cripes sake!  How smart is this?  I don’t cook – so making a cake plate doesn’t interest me a lot
(some – but not a lot).  I do however have to hang stuff up.  Did I tell you about the box of trophies I got for a $1.00 that had a hunter and baying hound on top?  Too cool.  Had no idea what I was going to do with them but had to have them (I’ve used parts since).  Last weekend I was looking for parts to make a rack for hanging plastic templates (for easy reach from my work bench).  Nothing was “interesting” enough.  I relocated an antique oak dresser leg I had put aside from a dresser that was “decommissioned” so I knew that was the platform.  But I was still waiting for the hangers to grab my attention.  Guess what?  I’m going to use my baying hounds!  What a hoot!

Brian Dettmer – Book Artist

I’ve seen Brian’s book art in person – truly AMAZING.  This web site provides the best pictures of his work I’ve seen to date.  Enjoy!  (There are few art/craft areas I won’t try…this is one of them)

Just One More…

When A Doll ISN’T Just a Doll

There are dolls that are just dolls.  Dolls that are cute and may bring forth an “Ahhhh” – but they’re play things.  Then there are ART DOLLS.  Miniture sculptures made out of any variety of medium that make you want to stay awhile and feel.  Just take a quick look…

If you’ve made it this far you may be wondering why I haven’t included a web site referencing beading.  Because I’m stuck on Kumihimo beaded braiding!!  This is my newest project…