Benny the Borrower

Jun 3, 2004 |
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My sister Jean had been complaining that the “Borrower” had taken her glasses. The day before – he had taken her keys. They were there one minute and gone the next. I don?t remember much about making this doll except that it’s stuffed extremely hard and I was crazy about him as he grew. He’s…

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Jun 12, 2002 |
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Delores is my interpretation of Patti Medaris Culea’s doll pattern. 22 1/2″ tall Material: Embroidered fabric remnant. My mother made a beautiful suit that my sister Jean wore to my wedding in 1981. Beads: New, repurposed and vintage beads. Beads in the head were strung on wire. The necklace was made using beading thread. Color…

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Jackie’s Angel

May 12, 2002 |
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One of my past hobbies was making porcelain dolls from molds. This angel was made for my sister Jackie when she was sick with cancer. The porcelain body and face went thru numerous paintings and firings to achieve a specific depth to her look. Her clothing and head covering were made from one of Jackie’s…

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Loretta's Box


Jun 12, 2001 |
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Loretta – 202 Pairs of Shoes… None Needed In Heaven Size: 11.5″w x 11.25″h x 6″d (including acrylic strip) This box was assembled in celebration of my sister Loretta (#2 of 5 girls) – lost to a battle with Leukemia March 30, 2000. I built the box right away – however, it took me five…

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Oct 22, 1997 |
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Ahhhh… my BFF Edna Quicke of Tallahassee collaborated with me on these ?happy on the eyes? dolls. I made and painted the dolls, Edna made the clothes. We made at least 10 sets. Before we stopped I made one Asian by altering the shape of the eyes as I cut the openings. Original Doll Artist:…

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