Ceramic Face Vase with Beads

August 24, 2014 /
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Angel Inspired

January 30, 2014 /
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Angel Inspired   Sometimes my art is intentional (if it were more so I’d get more done). ¬†More times than not my art is inspirational – meaning my hands just start creating. A few months ago I was attempting to use up the last of my B-Mix clay (porcelain content – fired to cone 6)…

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40th Vase Sculpture

40 Already?

October 28, 2011 /
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My son’s 40th Birthday is today, October 29th. Geeze – can he be that old? CAN I be that old? Yep and yep. At 40 he’s a successful business man, husband and father of three. We’re very proud of the man Michael has become. I made Michael this sculpture to celebrate his 40th year. The…

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