Angel Inspired

Angel Inspired


Sometimes my art is intentional (if it were more so I’d get more done).  More times than not my art is inspirational – meaning my hands just start creating.

A few months ago I was attempting to use up the last of my B-Mix clay (porcelain content – fired to cone 6) and this was the result – a masculine angel for my Brother-Law, Ozzie, who is battling cancer (actually, it’s all-out war).

The angel remained like this for weeks as I waited for inspiration for his wings and halo…

While packing my studio in preparation for storage I came across a vintage erector set of windmill blades that would make the perfect wings (as it turns out – not so much).  I carefully put them in a zip lock bag, set them aside and continued packing.  Evidently they got packed too because I never saw them again.
I tried a few more options but nothing “fit” until I remembered that we had a small box of vintage trains and train tracks up in the attic.  Thankfully I remembered these just time because we were due to visit our family in Ft Lauderdale in a few days and the Angel needed to go with us.
About 6 1/2″ tall:
The wings are vintage train tracks and bonded into the body with screws & two part epoxy.
The halo is the eye from a fishing rod.
The gold cross had been mine long enough to call it vintage 😉
The finish, casein paint, was applied very lightly.  White for his garment with light blue highlights.

I waited until after I had given Ozzie the Angel to take pictures – on their dining room table – so they’re not the best.