Batman IV Audition

April 28, 2011 /
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I had a vision and instead of coming to my senses – I ran with it. A clay bird I made needed a Batman Cape. From here it goes a little sideways… I got a new Toy – I mean tool – a mini compressor. First I played with Copic markers and painted the bird…

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Oil Lamp, Napkin Ring and a Blush Brush

February 21, 2011 /
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My daughter Laura says I have artists ADD. It got the best of me this last week. I’ve had this project on my work table for over a year. I assembled and/or sculpted all the parts but didn’t move forward because the “belly” required being filled with sand and fish and poured with clear resin.…

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Polymer Clay Play Date

February 9, 2011 /
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Talk about happenstance! 8 3/4″ tall x 4″ wide Click for a larger view I’ve been struggling to make a polymer clay book cover. Last Saturday, as luck would have it, I got an email from the polymer clay artist and author, Barbara McGuire. She, Patricia Dibona and Jan Stephens were having an open house…

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