Zombie Book and Clam Shell Box

Short story… I wanted to make something different for a special, incredibly talented, artist. I went to her blog and found a post titled “Things To Do Before The Zombie Apocalypse” – things rocketed on from there.

I lead a rather boring life and am not too familiar with Zombies. I’m more afraid of not getting my art studio pulled together after having moved from GA to NC than I am of Zombies. In fact I think Zombies would be an easier issue. Just sayin…

Book:   2 1/2″W x 3″T x 9/16″ D      I took a FABULOUS workshop from Hollis Fouts (  on copper etching book covers and decided to use this technique for the book covers.

Covers – The title was taken from the artist’s post. The copper covers were etched after applying vinyl stickers for the title, the script via a rubber stamp and (the artist wears her hair in braids) I drew braids on both sides of the front cover with a sharpie.

Signatures – 5 signatures using 90lb Canson mixed media paper. Each page has torn edges. Written in Micron Pen on the fold of each signature is one way to destroy a Zombie (useful when the apocalypse occurs).

Binding – Coptic Bound

1_Zombie Bk

2 1/2″ W x 3″ T x 9/16″ D – Copper, etched covers, Coptic Bound

I couldn’t leave it at that…

CLAM SHELL BOX:   5″W x 7 1/4″T x 3/4″D

4_Zombie Bx Open 1

Open clam shell box. Book and casket inset into bottom.

5_Zombie Bx Open 2

Glassine envelope holding a list of 10 Zombie Facts is glued to underside of lid.

Jacket: In my “stash” I had a book jacket from 1938 titled “Devil’s Saddle” – it seemed to fit the Zombie theme.

2_Zombie Bx Jacket

3_Zombie Bx Closed

5″w x 7 1/4″t x 3/4″d

Clam Shell: Book board.

Cover Paper: Black faces with a white background – treated with Distressed ink.

Insets were covered in black paper.

Casket Lid: Wood veneer over book board. Hands: Poly Clay and gauze holding braided hemp rope.

6_Zombie Bx Casket

The casket lid was set low so the lid would close after the polymer clay hands were put in place.

7_Zombie Bx Env

8_Zombie Bx Cskt

Book board sandwiched between two sheets of very thin wood veneer. The sides were painted gold to hide the joining.


Box construction

  1. Aside from the standard process of building a clam shell…the bottom structure was built with only one side, turned over to cut out the two sections, then the back was glued in place.
  2. Covered with distressed paper.
  3. Covered insets with black crinkled paper.
  4. 9_Zombie Bx Sructure 1

    The walls for the insets were glued in place after the bottom of the box was made.

  5. 10_Zombie Bx Structure 2

    The insets were then cut out.

  6. 11_Zombie Bx Structure 3

    The bottom panel, closing in the structure, was glued in place. It was turned over and glued to the book jacket.

OK, OK – I noticed JUST NOW while writing this post that Apocalypse is spelled wrong on the book. Do you know how many people have seen this book and how many times I’ve handled this book? A lot! SO, do I go ahead and send it?

The misspelling of Apocalypse aside – It felt soooooo good putting the reconstruction of my art studio aside and making this book and clam shell box.

1_Zombie Bk