While I’m on a "Roll" – Pun Intended

I recently started using the Scor-Tape. I like it a lot. What I don’t like is that I have to have two hands free to use it (just a reason to build something).

Desire: Design a box that would hold all of the various size rolls of Scor Tape I use that would let them roll freely and be cut at the box.
a. Use the plastic foil tape holder used by stained glass makers. I have one and the tape rolls out of the holder every time you pull it (granted it’s an older holder).
b. Use a 5″ round can, cut a slit in the side for the tape to roll out. The sharpness of the cut in the tin would cut the tape – but then the tape would have a tendency to slide back in the can. Plus I’d want it to stand up on the table and I’d have to put feet on it so it wouldn’t roll (and I didn’t have one in my stash).
c. Use a 5″ sq box in the same manner as the can. Build an interior structure that would allow the rolls to roll separately and freely – attach a used tin foil cutter to the outside to tear the tape. I had a box but didn’t feel like messing with it. Item “d” gave me the opportunity to cut FOAM CORE.

I CHOSE d: Repurpose a clear acrylic utensil holder (I already had one in my stash). Empty a round Vigro bread crumb box that’s the same dimension as the interior of the tape rolls, cut it down to the width of one of the sections in the holder. Cut foam core for the sides for the bread crumb box to sit on and holds the tapes above the bottom of the holder. Cut foam core sections so the various sizes remain apart. Attach a used tin foil cutter to the front.

This is a picture of the cutter just placed on the holder to see if it would work. I discovered that the tape would tear easier if the rolls were rolling accross the cutter coming up from the bottom vs rolling out from the top down accross the cutter. The cutter has since been cut to size and attached to the holder.

The other sections of the holder will house my two larger rolls of paper hinge tape that come with their own boxes and cutters.