Weiner Dog – Metal Letter Stamp Storage

I’m rearranging work areas in my Studio.I consolidated my metals work to one table, dedicating the other work table to sculpting. Moving things around usually means I come across something I haven’t had my hands on in a little while and then I’m off.

Finding and reviewing some of the videos on got me pulling out my metal letter stamps and experimenting. Which lead to the following storage idea for my metal stamps…

Over a year ago I bought this wooden Wiener Dog crayon holder at a yard sale for $1.00. I’ve moved it from pillar to post ever since. It’s 23″ from nose to tail and 4″ high at the head. There are 64 holes – two rows of 32. I have italic stamps in one row and standard in the other. Love this idea. It saves my husband from making me a holder, from me buying a holder made for metal stamps and, most importantly, I smile everytime I see it.