Wedding Center Piece

June weddings are being planned and I wanted to share a table center piece (14″ overall height) I made many many years ago for my daughter’s wedding reception (I can’t remember how many we made – but it seemed like Edna (myBFF) and I made a gazillion flowers). The hem of Laura’s wedding gown was trimmed in grey silk. These center pieces coupled with ferns and other typical reception frippery looked great. I made silver wire and glass beaded cake decorations and others silk flowers – if I can find the pictures in the next couple of days I’ll share them too.

Supplies: 12″ Glass lantern, lace trim, monofiliment, pearls, Silk ribbon, styrofoam ring, grey silk, tulle, candle, clear glass dessert plates and small terra cotta saucers.

12″ Glass Lantern: About 4″ from the top and 4″ from the bottom of the lantern, lace trim was taped on using red line tape. Pearls were strung on the monofiliment and woven in a criss-cross pattern between the lace trim – giving the illusion of the pearls floating.

Ring: A styrofoam ring was covered in batting. The batting was covered with grey silk fabric and gathered as it was glued. Grey tulle covered the grey silk. Our hand made ribbon flowers were glued to the tulle. A white card board circle, 2″ smaller than the ring was glued to the bottom of the ring.
Candle and support: A glass dessert plate was placed in the center of the covered ring. Four glass flat baubles were spaced evenly and glued along the rim of the glass plate so the glass lantern wouldn’t move when it was set in place. In the middle of the glass plate was a silver painted terra cotta plant saucer turned upside down. A large candle, secured with wax, was centered on the silver saucer.