Treasures – I must have been a Pirate in a Previous Life

An enabler friend of mine let me know about an artist that was moving to Pittsburgh and having a yard sale. It was a sunny, glorious day – look at the treasures I found… (I’ve included the prices I paid because I like to see what others paid for their treasures and I’ve included my thoughts for the future of the treasure because that’s what I’ve been told others want to see)

Cast iron ice cream cup mold (15″ w x 7″ h) – $8. The owner had obtained this from a closed ice cream cone factory in SE Atlanta. Possibilities are endless with this thing. Paper, paper clay, ceramic clay, etc. can be used to mold ice cream cones. They can be used as hats, a pin cushion, a doll body, parts for collage – geeze I’m getting tired thinking of this….. Old clock cabinet with clock face (25″ h x 15″ w) – $6. You don’t have to go far to find something awesome for this. The door on the front of the box hinges open and doesn’t have glass. Title: “He who steals time” Picture this – the clock face (which is already loose) lays catty wompass in the box towards the front and a face (clay or paper collage) shows in the recesses of the box surround by old newspaper clippings. Hands/claws are just visible coming out and around the outside of the door.
1940’s scrapbook of form letters and author’s critique (15″ h x 11″ w)– $6. I would love to know what the purpose of this album was. I want to grow as a book artist and add content to my books. This would be a good jumping off point for a fictional story.Metal cow muzzle (6 1/2″ h x 6″ w) – $1. I know you’re thinking “how is the world did I get this so darn cheap?” I saw a bonnet. That’s it, a bonnet. The bonnet could contain a head and/or ephemera that symbolizes childhood.Cast Iron Lamp piece (12″ h x 11″ d) – $1. I know, I know – what a steal! It’s photographed upside down, as I would use it. I saw the bowl as a hat. The metal arm could come from the wall but I thought the back of the head would mount on the wall and the metal arm would hang in front of the face, or body, and contain misc treasures/pictures hanging out in front of the face as memories or dreams or, or, or
Old Lamp Shade – $3. This is beautiful. The doll is in perfect condition but hanging on by a clothespin – the fabric is now a soft, worn lavender. Aside from taking the half doll off and using her elsewhere and stripping the frame and using it to hang things on or sit birds on – I’m not sure where I’m going with this.Pure Joy Flour Sack (17″ h x 10″ w) – $2. Funny, this was the only thing I thought was overpriced. But I was having a ball at this yard sale, happy as a clam – all I could think of was that I needed that flour sack to make a book cover for a book for me to enter in my daily blessings (which are many).Misc iron treasures – $5. What can I tell ya. If I could weld (no I’m not going there) I could make a fence 20 ft long with all my rusty metal treasures. Doesn’t this sugar cane cutter look like a parrot’s beak?Misc other treasures – $5. Bag of corn husks, rasp, bird mold, etc.. Aside from the rasp that I’ll use with my ceramic clay, everything else will be put in my “Things to go with other things” box.

No my husband wasn’t with me (he was in Seattle) and yes, I took everything out of hiding to show him and he still loves me 😉