Tool Storage

Tool Storage

This a quick post…

This is an ice tray used for making ice that fits in small mouth water bottles.  I’ve gotten three of them so far at thrift stores for $1 – $2 each.  New, they sell for about $4 at hiking and athletic stores.

10 1/4″ w x 3 3/4″ d x 3 3/4″ h –
The orange you see is actually the lid
snapped to the bottom helping to stabilize the unit

I use these trays to hold my tools while I’m working on a project.  I use two of them and change out the tools as I need them.  The third is held permanently in a plastic shoe box (at the bottom of the case I take back and forth to sculpting workshops) and holds my sculpting tools (mostly metal) with enough room on the sides for sponges, scrapers, etc.

I just threw some tools in here for an example.
Sorry for picture quality.

I’m currently playing with pens, pencils (water color) and inks so I’ll use this to separate the various nib sizes, then colors and then “other” tools like scissors, tooth brush (for spattering ink), paint brush, etc.  That way I’m not rooting around my workspace for the tool I need.

Handy to have – I’m just sayin’…