This and That

smARTaleck: Fun with old floppy disk parts.
Look what I found when I should have been crafting my Christmas gifts…
This and That …

CREATIVITY:  A blog that contains information on sites holding design calls for one time designs, challenges and/or an opportunity to become a design team member.  They’re generally scrapbook (as the name suggests) or card related but I saw a couple related to mixed media.   If you like to play with others, gain recognition and/or are in a rut and need a spark to get you going again – check this out.

TOOLS:  I LOVE, LOVE, tools and new products.  In fact most of my impulse buying is on new things I find in the arts and crafts stores (generally on my 2nd pass down every isle).  I need to take the new items home to “kick the tires” so to speak and see what else they’ll do that’s not listed on the instructions.  This site critiques arts and crafts products. They do a real good job of it too.   I’ve seen products here I haven’t seen in the stores yet AND they’re holding 12 days of Christmas giveaways (they’re on day three).

CREATIVITY:  I found this swap site by reading comments made in the above give away.   You can host swaps, join swaps, and chat with other swappers from all over the world. I haven’t tried it yet (I’m supposed to be working on a tu tu) for fear I won’t get away from my computer until next week.

TOOLS:  One of my favorite jewelry tool websites is Kelsi’s Tooltime Tuesdays by Melissa Muir.   I’m not associated with any jewelry groups so I don’t get to have conversations one on one with like minded folks on their experiences with various tools and design ideas.  Her critiques on jewelry tools are well written and relevant (a good jewelry plier can cost between $30 and $50).  She’s moving and since her updates aren’t every Tuesday I’ve subscribed to her blog so I don’t miss any.

METAL:  I’ve mentioned this one before.  It mostly pertains to stamping metal – which can be used to adorn cards, scrapbook pages, jewelry and/or mixed media.  It has Outstanding videos and a large inventory of products.  PS:  I own their book with accompanying CD “Make Metal Stamped Jewelry” – every bit as user friendly as their website.

BOOKS: Atlanta Bookarts Collective has found a home to hold meetings. Their first meeting of the new year will be at SCAD in Atlanta. I’m a member of this group of talented artists. We’re all in different places in our pursuit book arts.

CREATIVITY:  This one isn’t exactly new to me but since I get SUCKED in every time I get on it I thought I’d share it.  This site allows you to have “boards” of favorites where you post a picture of a place, product or thing that you like.  You can access one board to view all of the posted pictures under that category (for example I have a “sculpture inspiration board” and a “places I want to visit board”)  Each picture retains it’s original web location so you can refresh your memory if you need more informaiton or instructions on how to make a craft item you saved.   I use this site for a repository of ideas that I don’t want to print out and put in a book or add to my favorites only to forget what I have in my favorites.  I’ve found some of the most inspirational items EVER from other peoples posts.  Downside:  it’s like being dropped into a deep hole full of fun and adventure – before you know it your husband is in bed and will get up for work in an hour ;).