Thank You – Military Hero Pendant

Thank you to the men and women of our armed forces and the men and women trying to keep the peace and keep us safe here at home

Salute: My father was in the Navy, awarded two purple hearts in WWII, My Step Father retired Navy, my husband retired Navy Seabee reserve (29 yrs), my son served 10 years as a Navy Seal, my brother was wounded in Vietnam, I served 6 years in the Navy.

Finished size: From top of helmet to bottom of paper 1 3/4″ x 1 1/16″.

Supplies: Copper sheet, toy Soldier, 30 g wire, paper, color pencils, metal alphabet punches, iron metalic surface liquid, old book pages.

Process: I stamped “hero” on the copper sheet after cutting and before bending it. Liver of sulpher was used to highlight the word. Random holes were drilled in the top of the metal to thread the very thin wire in and around for the soldier to sit behind. The upper torso of a toy soldier was cut off and painted with Iron Metalic Surface solution – he’s adhered to the metal by E6000 glue and a pin coming from underneath and thru the top metal and into the torso. The soldier was a little wider than the depth of the pendant so a heating tool was used to conform the back of the soldier to the pendant. I tore the definition of a hero from an old dictionary. Lightly colored red and white stripes and a blue square on it with color pencil before combining it with other torn pages and burning the edges.

Military Hero Pendant