My computer has been frozen! It’s the most valid excuse I have for sitting on my hands 😉

A couple of thoughts to share as I maneuvered my way around life this week…..

Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan 2012: It doesn’t matter if you like, dislike or are ambivalent about this magazine and it’s online presence. You would be doing your artistic side a huge favor by viewing the photos of art and crafts submitted by Artists for consideration as CPS Artisan 2012. A good many of them are like nothing you’ve seen in recent magazines. If you lean to one genre out of the five you can choose just that category to view (although there are a daunting 1,812 entries – they’re on only 63 pages). The books? Holy Cow!!

Hobby Lobby: Roswell, Georgia. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – for having wide isles and a clean store. It allows a wanderer like me to take my time browsing, soaking in all the new products to select my one impulse buy (yep, just one this week – I’m retired now) – you’re cheap therapy.

Borders Books: Last remaining days… My section of their store (previous post) has dwindled to the point my services as caretaker are no longer needed. However their bargain books were 50% off on Wednesday – 60% today. Eureka! I found a $3.99 bargain book (12″ x 10″) that had a removable skeleton in it – on sale for $2.00. Thinking how many things I could make out of one body ( a necklace for my Chiropractor for one) – not to mention repurposing the book itself – I bought four of them 😉 This is a picture of the book held up to a window so you can see that the center holding the skeleton is see-thru. The pages are heavy book board and the various body parts come apart as you turn the pages. With the body removed and the pages covered the see-thru body window could serve as a memory frame. Way, way, cool.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss: I bought a vintage puzzle of the United States (each piece being a State) for $1 thinking to use it for parts. For lack of another focus I began putting it together yesterday only to realize how ignorant I am of where ALL of the States are located in relation to one another. In my defense – there was a state missing – although a small one. I’m going to continue taking it apart and putting it back together until I can assemble it without hesitation. If you haven’t seen the PBS Special “John Adams” you need to rent it. What our founding fathers sacrificed to create this great Country is truly amazing and inspiring.

Lastly – I’m thankful for my family, friends and online community. They’re creative and insightful – they keep me from living in a vacuum.