Storage – Love, love, storage.

I’ve been stuck lately – hence the delay in posting.

Hoping straightening up my studio would get me creating again I began by making a storage unit for my variety of miscellaneous pens that weren’t organized.

My current pencil/pen storage units sit out on my work table and are made of three cut up heavy card board tubes (I used a dremel saw to cut them). The tubes were left over from a large roll of copy paper generally used to copy house/engineering plans.
I built these in sections so they would interlock and I could take out one section at a time when I just wanted pencils or copic markers or my black line pens. You get the idea.

Well…I didn’t have a cardboard tube left to cut up and I remember having a talk with me, myself and I pointing out the obvious – that I had enough “stuff” and needed to think outside of the box to come up with something I could use on-hand materials for.

So, having been sufficiently scolded, I cut up three 12×12 chipboard inserts in 4″ strips (the chipboard came with scrapbook paper), folded the strips into 2″ interlocking squares, attached a bottom and covered with Graphic 45 Cirque paper. You’ll notice the unit is made so it can be interlocked with others.

I was surprised at how much it held.

This was the “after” party.