Simple Saturday

I have to share – Saturday was serendipitous.

Our daughter Laura visited Saturday – my art room gives her hives but it’s usually the first place I take her to show her what I’m working on (then we quickly leave ;). I uncovered the clay sculpted head “Heart Strings” (first picture on the left) to show her that I changed him up to “Hot Head” (I added a gas cap I found at a car swap meet that read “Do Not Open Hot” to the middle of his forehead). His head looked great – I was refining the eyes before dropping him off to be fired.

I covered Hot Head back up and we were walking away when we heard “Tha – Thump”. He had rolled off the table onto the carpeted floor.

When we turned him over and saw his face – we cracked up…

His little foray into the wild side gave him some character and me an opportunity to use a vintage cast iron Hot Point timer I re-found while cleaning out the garage.

Oh Happy Day!! Hot head is done and on the shelf to be fired.

PS: What you can’t see in this picture is that his head is hollowed out in the back so I can add some collage elements.

PSS: Humpty Dumpty got dressed this week and will get arms and legs next week. Just to be fashionable attired when he falls ;(