Shading and Blending Pencil lines with a Clay Shaper

Shading and Blending Pencil lines with a Clay Shaper

I watched a YouTube video on working with colored pencils last week.  The artist (sorry I didn’t make note of the artist) used a Clay Shaper to shade her graphite pencil lines.  It’s been on my mind and I needed to give this technique a try before I forgot it.

Today was the perfect day.  Our every other Tuesday ZenDoodle get together at Random Arts was cancelled – my 5 year old Granddaughter started Clay Camp this week (3 hrs every morning for a week!) – AND I just happened to have those Clay Shapers in three sizes in my Sculpting Tool Box.

For this project:  I cut a scrap piece of mixed media paper into bookmark size (2″x6″).  I glued on a picture of a jewelry pendant and some random jewelry dangles I cut from a travel magazine (using Elmers glue stick).  Then using a No 2 Copic Multiliner and a soft lead pencil I proceeded to doodle.  Fun.  I’ll put a quote on the back, add a ribbon, laminate it and abandon it at the local library (see Art Abandonment).

These are the various stages (I finished the bookmark by inking the edges with a Black Memento Stamp Pad):

Began with picture of pendant
Added Dangles and minor lines
Finished doodling
Finished shading using the clay shaders
Bookmark Shader