Serendipitous Occurance

Short for – how lucky can I get?

I’ve been agonizing over making books with no content. I follow a few book maker’s websites with envy – not only are their covers a work of art, so is the content.

Yesterday, thru blog-world, I met Annie Bodelier from the Netherlands I’m a visual person and while I don’t understand the language, I certainly understand her work. She has a flair for content (if you have a couple of minutes go to Annie’s flikr site – you’ll be glad you did) and has motivated me to give it a try.

We both follow Alisa Golden’s blog Alisa’s books “Making Handmade Books” and “Painted Paper” are incredible. They’re the kind of books you’ll turn to over and over again and discover something new and inspiring. I highly recommend them.

I repurposed a vinyl clothing store banner and a spiral paper sample book into a clay reference book – I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

All the best,