Red Chair Thoughts – along for the ride

I found some rather large vintage cardboard pieces children would play with, each made to look like a brick wall. When something unusual comes my way I find myself thinking of different ways to utilize it(other than what it was intended for). Sometimes, as in this case, I acted on my thoughts before I went on to something else. I started a Humpty Dumpty sculpture yesterday, to sit on the wall, working on it until late last night.

Usually, when I come out of my art stupor (regardless of the medium) I ask myself – now what? (I talk to myself a lot). Why did I just spend a day on this project? Where is it going, where is it taking me, can I change up my process even more, will I remain with this effort until it’s finished?

In my stupor of who, what and where usually comes a serendipitous occasion.

Today I chose to follow a link to Lisa Kokin’s web site– posted on the Book_Arts RSS feed. I got an Ah Ha!! – actually is was an OMG!

If anything I do elicits in someone else, the same feeling I got when I looked at Lisa’s work – even once – all my questions will be answered.

PS: If you go to Lisa’s website know that each area’s content is driven by the buttons to the left. As you chose a button and the object appears, the button goes from faded to clear. Really, really, cool work and web site.