Recycled Eyeliner = Fine Line Travel Paint Brush +1

Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  

When I get some clear head space, no TV, no Radio, no people, no books (usually in the shower, brushing my teeth or driving) – ideas just start popping.

The latest is this.  I was thinking about the collapsable box.  If you took two of them with you when you travel or to a workshop (of course you’ll have your pencils, etc) you could use one to store your pencils, brushes and/or tools and the other you could put a quart zip lock bag in and use as a disposable water container.  COOL OR WHAT?

Collapsable Box (Full Post Here)

AND THEN as I was cleaning up I went to throw away an empty liquid eyeliner and it wouldn’t leave my hand (if you saw my studio you’d know this is a common occurrence :).  It made a fabulous fine line.  One thing lead to another…I took out the rubber stopper and cleaned out the tube and cleaned the brush.  Now I have a fine line paint brush to add to my art traveling kit.  If I choose I can put water in the tube to keep the brush wet until I can clean it of paint – or I can clean it in my collapsable box that has the quart ziplock with water in it.  HA!