Quiznos Tray

When we first got a Quizno’s sandwich shop in Marietta they put their salads in cool triangle shaped black plastic take out containers. How can you throw something like that away? At any rate… I couldn’t.

The unit is made of foam core. Strips were taken out of the center of the back and the side to be able to get a smooth bend to form a modified triangle. It was covered with Asian themed wrapping paper. Shelves made from chip board were added by cutting a groove the width of the chip board into the inside of the unit. The chip board was inked and glued into the groove. An Asian coin was slipped onto a piece of ribbon that was stapled to the inside of the front of each tray. Two wooden chop sticks were inked to match the shelves and glued to each side of the unit. Silk fabric was laid over some batting and glued to the top of the unit (maybe for pins?). Ribbon was glued around the outside of the silk to hide the edges. Three 1/2 wooden balls were glued to the bottom.