Quilt Rack

What was a quilt rack is now a deposit for memories (and holds a role of craft paper).

My darling daughter gave me a yellow ceramic pitcher and glasses for Christmas and gave me permission to break them up for my mosaic – my jumping off point.

The muscle man in the middle is the handle from a mug I owned before I met and married Mr. Wonderful (30 years ago). The yellow stripe is the yellow ceramic pitcher and glasses I got for Christmas. In this mosaic are pieces of dishes I’ve owned over time. The blue pattern was given out at A&P in Miami when you bought groceries (my adult children remember this pattern). The beautiful flower pattern is from my current dishes. The first visit my son and his girlfriend made to Atlanta – she broke this new dish 😉 The Avon plate was bought at a garage sale across the street from where we lived in Tallahassee. The plain dark blue plate is a garage sale find. The bright green ceramic pieces are from a broken vintage flower pot. There are some glass globs and buttons thrown in. I wrote verses on some of the pieces in white permanent marker. The square tiles outlining the rack and on the flat surface were bought in bulk at a local craft store. The birds glued to the upper left, also a garage sale find, were 10 cents each.