Prest-o, Change-o AND I’M BACK!

Hi and thanks for staying with me.

A couple of minor issues in conjunction with a major one caused me to drop out and not leave a courtesy “see ya later” – sorry about that.

The minor –
*  I had some health issues I had to deal with.  I changed my diet and to my delight my health issues improved and in most cases disappeared.

The major –
*  We found a fast running creek with two small waterfalls that had a house on it – in Hendersonville, NC.  Oh happy day!!  We bought it (about half the size and minus an art studio of the current house).  Then we started decluttering, then we put the house up for sale – after school started.
*  It gave us time to get the new house de-wall papered (OMG!!), paint, tile the antique tub bathroom and get the kitchen remodeled before our Atlanta house sold and we moved to Hendersonville.
*  Well…We moved lock stock and rusty things last Thursday.  Since then I lined the kitchen cabinets and shelves with black mat contact paper (the doors have glass inserts) and finished putting things away in the cabinets.  We finished installing a closet system in our master closet and began putting things away.

I’ve hit the non-art wall and need to find something creative to do.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll post a few things I’ve managed in squeeze in amongst all the “other stuff”.