I remember getting my first 35mm camera (way before digital). I’ve had a knack for getting good, not stellar, but good pictures. I want to share a few. Learning Photoshop is on my “bucket list” – until then what you see here is how it was shot.

The peaceful loving nature of cemetaries draw me in. The stone testiment to someone having lived their first life on this planet and their second in the hereafter appeals to me.

I snapped this picture on a visit to the Biloxi, MS cemetary. When I got out of the van to take a picture of this weathered Cherub set to oversee a loved one I saw a bird flying around. I propped my arm up on the hood of the van and waited (not long). The bird graciously landed on the Cherub so I could take their picture together.

These pictures were taken in the same cemetary.

These two pictures were taken in a New Orleans Cemetary

The age on this concrete is fantastic.