Pantry Storage

When we bought our house 8 years ago the kitchen pantry shelves were sagging in the middle. Always the crafter…we put chair legs in the center to support them until we updated the kitchen and decided if we were going to move the pantry. Well, one year turned into eight and we still have a three legged pantry.We decided not to open the kitchen to the living room (taking out the pantry) when we renovate the kitchen so I wanted to update the pantry NOW.

We went to a used store fixture place here in Atlanta and bought a slat wall panel, used brackets and used shelving at a total cost of $95.  Staggering the shelves across the pantry allows me to adjust the shelves according to the items sitting on them.  The inside of the pantry was painted using left over interior house paint, prior to installing the slat wall.  I LOVE IT.

When the rest of the kitchen is renovated I’ll have more pantry space for food (although we don’t need it).