Pamphlet Stitched Journal with Collaged Cover

If the Focus Book workshop finishes early we’re going to make this journal structure…

Pamphlet Stitched Journal with Collaged Cover

Design Considerations:
I wanted a journal structure that used supplies most folks would have on hand and involved minimal, if any, sewing.  It should be easy to assemble and easy to decorate (I, however, couldn’t stand it and decorated mine with a map and then tissue and stamps on top of that).

Journal – Closed

5 7/8″” x 6″ (closed)
5 7/8″ x 13″ (open)
One Signature – 6 sheets 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″
Pamphlet Stitch – 3 hole
Tab Closure

File Folder cut in 1/2
3 sheets of 8 1/2″ x 11″ text weight paper cut in half (my signatures were used envelopes)
   – equalling 6 sheets for the signature plus an envelope.
Map cut to size for the inner envelope
Waxed linen thread and tapestry needle
Exacto Knife
Push Pin or Awl
Decorating supplies: maps, tissue paper, rubber stamps, magazine photos, color pencils

Cutting and Assembly specifics noted at bottom of post.

Open Journal – Outside
Open Journal – Inside with sewn signature in place
Open Journal – Showing an envelope
made from a map sewn in with the signature.
File folder cut in half – width wise at 5 7/8″
– cut according to this diagram.

If these instructions are as clear as mud – contact me.

1.  Cut a file folder exactly in half.
With 1/2 of the folder lying horizontally in front of you measure the following:
2.  From the existing fold in the folder, measure to the left 4 5/8″ – cut off the remaining folder to the left.
3.  From the left edge (newly cut) measure right 9 3/8″ – score and fold.
4.  From the left edge (newly cut) measure right 10 1/4″ – draw a light pencil line across the folder as shown.
5.  From the 10 1/4″ line measure right 1 3/4″ – draw a light pencil line across the folder as shown.
6.  Measure right from that line 1″ (this is your tab) – draw a light pencil line across the folder as shown.
7.  Find the center of the line at 1 3/4″ = mark to the top and bottom 1″.   Do the same at the 1″ line.  The tab is 2″ wide on center beginning on the 1 3/4″ line.
8.  Mark diagonal lines from the 10 1/4″ outside lines up to the 1 3/4″ pencil line.
9.  Mark two straight lines (see diagram) – this is your tab.
10.  Cut out the flap and tab.
11.  Fold the left side of the cover over to the right and the flap and tab on top of that.  Mark on the cover where the corners of the tab meet the flap and cut a 2 1/4″ slit for the tab to be inserted in.
12.  Fold 6 sheets of 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ paper.  Mark signature holes and sew a pamphlet stitch.
13.  Decorate before or after assembly.