Ooooo La La – Pink Leather!

Sorry to disappoint – I’m too boring for pink leather to be associated with anything other than an art item. LOL.

We leave for Germany and Italy tomorrow. I woke up yesterday morning with the idea for my travel journal – the ideas come, when the ideas come.

Cover: Pink Leather – a remnant purchased by the pound (cheap) at Earth Guild in Asheville, NC., cut to fit. The biggest area of the piece of leather was smaller than I needed so I pieced the front pocket sewing it to the largest piece of leather with a unique stitch that uses two needles, creating a square knot as you stitch. The piece of leather of attached to the larger piece to add width and a flap – pieced together with grommets. I’ll decide on the closure when I get home. All leather was cut with a deckle edged rotary cutter.

Binding: I started with a map of Atlanta – our starting place tomorrow. The map was folded and glued in 1/4″ mountains and valleys. It was the same map I used 9 years ago when my favorite daughter, Laura, was helping me find a house here after being transferred from Tallahassee. It reminded me of her extreme patience with an overly optimistic Mother who just knew the expensive neighborhood she was looking in had to have a house in her price range. Too funny…now.

Pages: I had a few 18 x 24 sheets of white mixed media paper, cut them into 14 – 9 x 8 sheets (I’m taking water soluable crayons with me). Each page was attached to one of the mountain folds. There is a spare mountain fold between each page to attach mementos of the trip.

Cover: The cover is book board covered with a travel related paper, glued to the map binding flap. The front cover slips into the front pocket of the leather.