On your mark…get ready….

OK – so I’m hosting the Book Arts Club this Sunday at my house.

At this very moment this is what the left, and cleanest, side of my art room looks like (the metal arts work tables). I have a dilemma – clean the house, clean the art room, clean the house, clean the art room…..just kidding there’s never a dilemma – cleaning the art room is much more fun.

I found an interesting book for us to make that would include painting paper. I’m real excited about this. The group is diverse in experience – they’re thinkers and inventive – it’s going to be a blast. As I was pulling out material to make sample books I’d come across a previous project that just needed one more technique before I’d consider it a go forward or go forward to the trash. I’d play with a project and then go back to the book – play with a project – go back to the book. I couldn’t put anything away in case I needed it. Life is tough I tell ya – LOL!

I’ll post what we come up with on Sunday. Gotta go clean…