Off With Their Heads!

I got a Metal Medley kit that Bonnie’s Best Tools had just posted on their web site as a challenge to myself to use all the metal pieces. I separated all the pieces into a tray I had handy (the ATC tin and box of small bits aren’t shown here). Many of my Mother’s sayings come to mind but suffice it to say – I think I may of bitten off more than I feel like chewing at one time 😉

The first things that caught my eye as I spread the pieces out were the metal frames and heart shaped clips. So that’s what I started with…

1st completed: Queen of Hearts – Off With Their Heads! A pin.

Supplies from kit: 3 heart shaped clips, brushed metal frame, 1 eyelet, 2 heart brads.
Supplies from my stash: Yelling Lady Stamp from Las Vegas Stamps, 3 springs from broken pens, watch face, rhinestones, vintage rose plastic beads, jump rings, Graphic 45 Hallowe’en in Wonderland paper, colored pencils, metal doo dad for crown, E6000 glue and a pin.

This piece started from the bottom up. I think it would be more effective without the skirt (which dangles from the neck). But once I got towards the end there was no turning back.