Now I’m THAT house.

Now I’m THAT house.

I know you’re probably thinking “boy am I glad I don’t live close to her”.  That’s OK.  I remember the many trips I used to take to visit Impressive Ideas in Roswell, GA.   A short-cut would take me through a neighborhood and I would pass a house that decorated for EVERY holiday.  The yard contained every type of decoration known to man; lighted, blown up, plastic, plaster…you get the picture – hardly room for any more.

At first glance I thought OMG! – I’m glad I don’t live next door.  Then I began to make a point of going by that house if it was close to any holiday just to see what they had done – I made an event of it if we had guests in town.  The work and planning that went into the decorating was inspiring.  I meant to leave a note and a donation in their mail box but I never did, it was on a busy street and kinda busy – I would be stopping traffic.  Now I regret that I didn’t.

It was an innocent trip to a store fixture salvage store to find some slat wall hooks that turned into Love At First Site (and on sale).  This is Beckham.  He sits on a mosaic bench that my Mother had in her yard forever (she would SOOOO be giving me a look and shaking her head).

My granddaughter said I needed to buy another friend that doesn’t talk so she could name it.  HA!
Short story… my husband’s new Dr asked where he lived.  My husband described the location and the house.  The Dr asked “do you have a mannequin in the front yard? I bike down that street at least once a week – I almost fell off my bike when I saw him for the first time”.
HA!  Now I’m THAT house!