My GLASS bottle tree has bloomed!

Spring must be around the corner….my GLASS Bottle Tree has bloomed!

I couldn’t help it – I got a bottle tree for my front yard hoping the folks passing by will get as much of a  kick out of it as I do.

My daughter saved up and collected wine bottles for me.  They prefer red wines over whites so the bottles are various shades of green.  I added a few colorful store bought bottles and then, because I’ve become obsessed with glass flowers made from recycled dish ware, I decided my tree needed to begin blooming to be in full bloom come Spring.

I still need a few more bottles on the tree.

The first flower is made up of dish ware from thrift stores; long green glass vase, clear cut glass bowl, peach glass light shade, green glass candle holder and a few red glass pebbles (total cost approx $6).  I only used Locktite Glue for Glass to assemble the flower.

Here are a couple of close ups of the first bloom.  Imagine the Bottle Tree in FULL BLOOM!

Front View of Flower
Side View of Flower

It’s not easy finding cheap, discarded, glass ware around here.  There are more resale shops with little booths in them than there are thrift stores so the owners hit the thrift stores early to look for things to re-sell.  But I’ll persevere and send out another post when the tree is in full bloom.

This is SO MUCH FUN!!!