Mother was a Hoot!

It’s way past Mother’s Day but this was scheduled and in the que Google held on to it.

I hesitated to share this but figured what the heck – any artistic endeavors I share with you came to me through her.

This was the first Mother’s Day in 59 years I haven’t been able to be with, or in touch with my Mom.

Mother came to live with Chick and I two and a half years before she passed away in December. Within the first week we had her in Chattanooga at a car show…
(transfer to WordPress- photo deleted)
About a year ago I drove my Mom to Florida to visit with my Aunt Ginger for a few days. While she was there she had my sister cut her hair, spike it and send me this picture via email with the subject “miss you already”. She had a great sense of humor.

Mom - Miss You already
That’s it – I’ve found that I write my blog content in my head (there’s a lot to share) and then my brain considers it “done” and it doesn’t make it to Posting.

I’m working on it.