Metals – I’m just playin

These are projects I made for the Bonnie Art Tools at the recent Stamp Festival (the black display cards are made from pre-cut chip board (same boards used for the Flower Press).  Black paper was glued to one side and then edged with various paper tape, holes were drilled, grommets set and ribbon inserted to use as a hanger):
Frame pendant and earrings:  This one is EASY
1 – 1 5/8″ metal frame
Metal jump rings
Dangles (key, glass heart)
Pendant:  Lightly sand the frame, paint with black acrylic ink and wipe off, leaving only a hint of black in the crevices. Cut frame in half diagonally – Take one half and file/sand the cut ends, drill holes in the ends for the hemp and at the point (see picture) to insert a jump ring and key (or other dangle) of your choice.  Attach hemp by tying knots.  Attach the key and heart with a metal jump ring.
Earrings:  Cut the remaining half of the frame in half again.  File/sand the ends, drill holes at the top for ear wires and at the bottom to attach drops for more decoration
Joy Necklace:
1 repurposed chain
Various charms on spring rings (repurposed from a bracelet in my “things to go with other things” drawer)
Metal stencil set by Tim Holtz – used the J, O, Y  (whew – I had to hold myself back on this one – the possibilities were endless)
Fishing lure spinners and jump rings to connect letters to chain
Paper Clip Necklace (previous post) and Queen of Hearts (previous post)
PS: The metals for all the jewelry (with the exception of JOY) were remnants of the Metals Medley kit I got from Bonnie Art Tools (some posted about previously).