Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Most of my art pieces start with a “muse”. The story of this muse is that I went to a vintage car show with my husband (actually I went to the car show so I could go to the car swap meet) and found the inside of a vintage steering wheel (the muse).

Lucy took a while to come together. My original head and body pattern.

24″ tall – hangs on wall

Heads and Hands: Soft Sculpture – fine glued netting over sculpture, painted.
Hair: Dyed mohair
Body: Embroidered fabric (arms and legs are stationary)
Goggles: Cut leather in shape of googles and inserted two empty watch cases for lenses.
Steering Wheel insert: Vintage (cost a whole dollar!)
Paper Airplane: made with cheap drawing paper by a school teacher taking a class with me. I’ve kept it for three years (not easy to keep a paper airplane in good condition for so long). The teacher was special and this is a memory I can keep with Lucy.
Feathers: To assist in flight. Bought by the yard. Grommets were inserted in the binding holding the feathers and sewn to the arms with linen thread.
Feet: Vintage tea cart wheels for feet to assist in a safe landing. My husband bought a box of antique stained glass and tools at a yard sale while I was working out of town – these were in the bottom of the box.
Compass: Two miniature compasses glued back to back wrapped in leather and hung by ball chain.
Decoration around neckline and wrists: stripped electrical wire
Wings: Cut from my sister Loretta’s leather skirt (see memories box) ? netting holds spare feather, wrench tool, and reduced 1965 copy of an Instrument Flying Handbook.