I’m more than Excited!! Random Arts in Saluda, NC

Random Arts in Saluda, NC

My art supplies are still in storage ;(

However, I’ve been able to take a couple of workshops close to home that didn’t require all my supplies and have found an awesome network of artists and crafters.

**I discovered just how close Random Arts, Saluda, NC is to me – ONLY 20 minutes!  I’ve looked at their workshop schedule many times over the years and couldn’t make it.   Jane packs a lot of art supplies, found objects and friendliness into one place.  If you haven’t been – give yourself a treat and visit.  She brings in top notch artists for workshops.

Now that I’m so close I’ve joined their twice monthly ZenDoodle (free) get togethers.   It’s been a long time since I did any intentional doodling.  Luckily I kept my colored pencils, markers and pens with me and didn’t send them to storage.

At the last get together Jane showed us how to pull together a Gouache resist project…using water color paper, sharpie, water color paint, white gouache and black ink.  Here is a link to a short video Jane put together in January showing the Gouache resist technique

My first Gouache Resist attempt – 4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Words and/or embellishments need to be added.
Practice doodling – ea section is 2 1/5″ x 3 1/2″

I’ve also taken a one day workshop at Random Arts – “Texturize This” given by Jodi Ohl  We used Silks paints (they are so beautifully pigmented) – stencils, acrylics, etc., – the secret tool, a heat gun – the secret supply, Golden’s self leavening gel. OMG!   There will be so many opportunities to use this technique in my mixed media work.  A fantastic workshop with an amazing and generous artist.  I missed the September issue of Craft, Paper and Scizzors magazine featuring Jodi’s work and this technique – I’ll have to order it online.

I don’t have a photo box set up here but the sun came out briefly and I took some pictures.  At least one layer of gel is poured over the substrate – you can’t see the depth in these pictures – but it’s there.
6 x 6 – used stamps and stencils
6 x 6 – used stamps and metal #5
6 x 6 – stencils, stamp, rhinestones

**Art Mob Studios and Marketplace is located in downtown Hendersonville (5 minutes from my house) it contains local artists studios, galleries and offers workshops.  I’ve been able to take a 4 week Calligraphy workshop from Catherine Langsdorf  She’s a very good teacher.  I plan to take advantage of more workshops that don’t require my full arsenal of supplies.