Ideas I haven’t Shared Before

I picked up the Flea Market Style magazine at the hardware store. Holy Cow! There were some really neat ideas in there.

Below are pictures of some of the things I’ve done with “other” things.
1958 Chevy fender wings ($1 ea at a car swap meet) = coat, bag hanger

Fireplace Mantel ($8 at garage sale) / sanded off some of the white paint = hallway table
Homemade nail boxes = wall art holding old metal printers type

Crystal Chandelier (crystals + brass dividers) = bathroom curtain

Unpainted wood storage box + glass top + 2 vintage glass blocks ($1 ea) + 4 vintage shooter marbles (priceless – from my Aunt Ginger) = end table (top lifts off for storage)

Contractor’s wood column salvage + vintage prints = roller paper holder

Porsche 911 car grille = drawer pull

CD wall rack and empty CD cases = rubber stamp storage (each is labeled w/contents & a binder has the stamped image according to category)
Printers box = rubber stamp holder
Vintage Salad Dressing Bottles w/rack = bead & button storage