I Got My Money’s Worth

Since I’m a member of the American Craft Council I got into the ACC show Friday and Saturday for free – so I really got my money’s worth ($25 membership comes free ACC show passes and the bi-monthly subscription to American Craft Magazine).

On Friday while attending a demonstration by Amy Gresens (she has a show next week at the High) on piercing and epoxy casting resin as it relates to jewelry – I met a two ladies that told me about a couple of fiber venues I’d never heard of.

So, in case you’re not aware of them I thought I’d pass the info along.

Stitches South held at Cobb Galleria Apr 2011:
This is more about the processes of knitting, etc. than the supplies – that would interest me more.

SAFF in Asheville Oct 2011:
This is the best event website I have ever seen. At a glance you know when, where and the cost. It makes perusing the rest of the site a joy.
Look at the venue maps – holy cow – they’re going to have a lot of vendors. I want to learn how to felt – I have all the supplies, including roving (I know – you’re surprised). It appears easy and I could go to youtube to learn – but this looks like more fun.

One of the ladies I spoke to was from here and also told me about The Engineer Guy. A way, way, cool place in town to get modeling supplies – I’m going to visit next week.

I found that a lot of the newer vendors were eager to discuss their processes – whether or not you were buying their art. I have a piece of bisque (“here’s my heart”) that’s crying out for some encaustic AND/OR some fabric strips dipped in resin. Fun, fun.