Gouache Resist – Oh Please!!!

Gouache Resist – Oh Please!!!

I am such a two year old!  Enough said…

There is a long blank wall in my dining room.  The art from our Atlanta house is out of place here.  In moving “things” around, in and out of boxes, I came across two brand new 12″ x 36″ Showbox Gallery Wrapped canvas’s (there’s a small, 3″ x 18″,  niche in the center of each one).

I’m going to stack them on top of one another (end to center – not end to end), connect them in the back, paint a Gouache Resist picture of a garden on them and then fill the niche with miniature people picnicking and gardening (as though they live underground).  Granted it may be Winter again before I’m finished – but I have a plan!

To make sure I “got it”, I painted these two individual flowers the next day after the mini workshop I took at Random Arts in Saluda.  I’m hoping with time and practice I’ll loosen up a bit – kinda doubt it – but I’m going to try.

Sharpie Marker, Casein Paint, Micron Pen and FW Black Ink – 5″x 5 1/2″
Sharpie Marker, Casein Paint, Micron Pen and FW Black Ink – 5″x 5 1/2″

Then, having only used water color paper with Gouache Resist I decided to experiment with a 10″ x 10″ wrapped canvas to make sure I could use this technique on the dining room art project.

Here it is… this my interpretation of a photograph I saw of a woman holding an umbrella.  The title, which I’ll print or collage somewhere on top is “I’m wearing the smile you gave me”.

Japanese Umbrella – 10″ x 10″ wrapped canvas

On this one I used Golden acrylic (super pigmented), casein paint, white pen, black Sharpie marker, various 01 and 05 black pens and FW ink.

There is a definite technique to getting the right coverage of white Gouache on your picture in the places you want to create more interest with the black ink.  It’s probably more involved than I’ll want to get at this point (this art phase may only stick with me until I get my book binding supplies and rusty stuff out of storage) but it’s interesting and random looks just as good.
If you haven’t – you should give this a try – it’s a blast.  If you have – send me a picture.