Good Mews

I made another pendant using copper sheet cut to 1 1/2″ x 1″, a carved bone cat head, book pages, a watch part and a rhinestone. It’s something I’m familiar with and can pretty much guarantee instant gratification. A sense of producing something.

Monday, I bought something at a thrift store (a thrift store that had 1/2 price day for cripes sake) – it had cardboard bricks in it – the kind kids play with. This morning I woke up thinking about Humpty Dumpty, in clay, with a crack in his head (actually he’s all head or all body) sewn together with red yarn and him holding a big needle, sitting on the brick.

I’m procrastinating. I really want to get my hands into clay (“Heart Strings” and birds are already in the works). But this takes putting all my other things aside and immersing myself in clay. Chances are whatever I work on won’t be done by the end of the day, or the next day. Sooooo, I choose one of my other ideas, one that can get done, NOW.

Believe me. I consider myself blessed to have these issues.