Get Lost! + Wreath made from Pages of a Book

Get Lost! I did. Actually I’ve been lost every spare minute, last night and today, since my friend suggested I log on to Pinterest to look at something (actually I stole some minutes that weren’t spare and gave them to the spare pile)…

Pinterest is a virtual Pinboard where people collect and post things they like. For example I could like art, mixed media, hummingbirds and all things red. I would create a “board” for each interest and when I found something on a website I liked or took a picture or made something I wanted to share – I would copy and post it to my respective board (including the original link). It would show up on the home page. If anyone looking at the home page that day liked what they saw they could comment and/or post (repin) a copy of my post to their board.

I’ve come across some amazing art, journals, crafts, design ideas and travel suggestions. If interested you can follow the post to the originator as I did below when I saw a wreath made out of the pages of a book and wanted to see a better picture and hopefully see the instructions (The Idea Room site has some other great ideas I wouldn’t have discovered if not for perusing Pinterest). I’m not really a wreath person (outside of a Christmas wreath) but anybody that knows me knows I have an old book or 300 😉 This wreath could be revised by highlighting the paper with red paint and adding ornaments. OR purple paint and Mardi Gras Beads…I’m just sayin.

There’s a lot more to the site than I’ve mentioned here – go see.

Have fun.


BTW: The photos I include on my blog are photos I’ve taken. Use at will.