Germany Trip – Good reason as any to make a book.

Time has passed by so quickly in the last few weeks and I don’t have much to show for it other than the three days (three FULL days) it took to clean my half of the garage.

Just cleaning the garage (only my half) and taking care of some of the last of Mother’s things (she would have been 83 this Sunday the 24th) has freed up some mental space I didn’t realize was stuck. Today I took her wheel chair to her Dr’s to give away where he sees a need and gave him her unused medicine to dispose of properly. Then I took her many pairs of glasses to a place that will distribute them to charities for reuse. WHEW!

ONward and UPward – We’re making plans to go to Stuttgart, Germany! Why Stuttgart? That’s where the Porsche factory is. My husband has been in love with Porsche’s since he was a kid. He’s got a vintage 1972 Targa taken apart in the garage. Aside from me – it’s his only hobby. He turns 60 this year – three months later is our 30th anniversary – three months after that I turn 60. I’ve never been out of the country so we’re celebrating these milestones with a trip to the Porsche factory – ya hoo! Not sure where we’ll go after that – maybe on to Italy. Any ideas?

Last week I found some mould-made 100g stone grey colored 19 x 25 paper at Dick Blicks. It appealed to me because it was inexpensive and it wasn’t stark white or vanilla (actually, I heard it say “buy me”). Now I have a reason for buying it – I can make a journal to take with me on our trip. I’m undecided about a cover. I think it should be flexible and since I want to take colored pencils and a glue stick with me I may want to incorporate pockets. Not sure yet whether they’ll be fabric sewn in with the signatures or part of the cover. I’ll keep you posted with photos.

Happy Birthday Mom,
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