Faux Wire Wrapped Necklace

OK – I’m posting finished item #3 in front of finished item #2 of the Metal Medley challenge (in case you missed the previous blog – it’s my own challenge)this is easier to photograph. I’ll post #2 tomorrow.

Supplies from the Medley: 4 diamond shaped and 4 triangle shaped paper clips, 3 picture hangers, 7 eyelets and 1 square brass frame.

Supplies from my stash: Black elastic

There you have it. I bent the ends of the clips to make loops – fastened eyelets to the centers of the triangle clips and wa la!

It’s super light, sturdy and looks great on. I was pleasantly surprised.

I had to stop myself from hanging bead(s) from the eyelet in the center of the square brass frame. The possible variations of this are endless.