Encaustic Play Day

I’ve owned Ranger’s Melting Pot and a block of Beeswax for over a year – I opened both packages for the first time today. Although I had the tools I didn’t have something specific to apply it to. It was because I want to try to use encaustic on a piece of bisque clay (see Key to My Heart) that I took out my supplies to see how it handled. At this level of encaustic, using only beeswax, I’m sorry I waited so long. What a blast!

I played most of today at Bonnie’s Art Tools. My biggest discovery is that, like most art, a little pre-planning is helpful to get a good balance of texture, color and content (unless you’re Bonnie who can do it on the fly).

Supplies: 8 x 8 pre-stretched canvas, beeswax, brush, small iron, Ranger’s Melting Pot and ephemera….

This is my art work (I need to pre-plan)… the flower is stamped on the inside of a used mailing envelope.

This is Bonnie’s – who I’ve discovered is a natural at collage….

It doesn’t look like we were at the same table does it?

Bonnie has her Butane Micro Torch on sale for 1/2 off so I got mine and I’m going to fire it up tomorrow and see what happens when I apply it to my piece of art above. Who doesn’t love a new tool?