Easy Come – Not So Easy Go…

This is a book I made using Alisa Golden’s book as a reference.

Borders has been my Go-To book store. I haven’t subscribed to magazines because I like to go to the book store, buy my magazine and browse. They’re closing ALL of their stores. It’s sad to hear of any business that has to close – but I had a special connection with Borders.

I went there today to walk around (it’s meditative for me). As I rounded the corner to the Art/Craft/Sewing/Collectibles section I immediately said to the gentleman standing there “it looks like a bomb hit here”. He said “you should have seen it yesterday”. Disrespectful of a business and it’s employees on their way out – not right. That ranks up there with those folks that read magazaines like they’re at home and don’t put them back where they got them.

Call me crazy, but I wasn’t in a hurry so I took some time to straighten up “My” section of Borders. Granted it won’t be there for much longer but it should be presentable so folks like me can find an impulse buy in a hurry (I may go back in the morning to straighten up the photography section 😉

Speaking of impulse buys, while straightening up My area I found books I had never seen before. I found, and bought, a book on making wire bugs, a book on cold connections for metal jewelry and a book on button craft (this book was $1.39 for cripes sake – less than the Sunday paper).

Good News! Cloth Paper Scissors is publishing a special issue on art journaling and bookmaking. This is the announcement on their blog… (BTW: I sent a book to them that may be published in this issue).

Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES, our new special issue on art journaling and bookmaking arrives in stores on November 22nd (Yes, that’s technically winter but who’s counting?) This issue is jam packed with great bookbinding, art journaling, lettering, and inspirational articles that will have you running to your studio to grab your supplies.

Wait til you see what I found at the Nation’s longest yard sale.